The Roland Welker Trail, located at Bilger's Rocks in Grampian, is a loop of one mile that begins and ends at the commemorative Rock House built to represent the shelter Mr. Welker utilized during his survival challenge in Alaska. The trail leaves the shelter heading north and down the fire road for approximately a tenth of a mile until making a left turn onto an old rail bed. You quickly exit up and out of the rail bed to the left and into the beginnings of an open hemlock grove. As the trail starts to wind through the hemlocks and the understory begins to open up, you will come to a large boulder. The trail skirts around on the left side of the boulder and comes to a trail junction of a trail extension that traverses a section of large boulders and continues to the southern section of the RW Trail. Past the trail junction, it continues into the increasingly larger hemlocks and winds between a low boulder field among the thickly needled forest floor. As the boulders fade away and the understory gets thicker the trail section will come to a small dip and log span bridge as it joins an established fire road. After making a left on the road section it will take you uphill to a road and trail junction. At this point the trail continues left again and utilizes the fire road. As you continue down this road section you will come upon a continually wet section where a natural spring is seeping out from the left. A short distance past this will be the other end of the cross-connector extension trail joining the main trail. After this trail junction in a short distance, you come upon another left to stay on the RW Trail as it follows this road section past several established tent camping sites until utilizing a short cut off trail, brings you back to the rock hut and beginning of the Roland Welker Trail."

"This is just the beginning of an exciting and comprehensive trail system being developed that will embrace and encompass all that Bilgers has to share. Rarely visited and unique boulder fields, large groves of hemlocks, stream side experiences along Bilgers Run and an extension to the Greenville Pike. When complete there will established and maintained hiking trails as well as conditioned bike trails for everyone to explore and enjoy."