Tourism Attraction Plan Funding

*Please review this page before applying for TAPF from Visit Clearfield County.

Visit Clearfield County is dedicated to enhancing the local economy by increasing tourism throughout our county. Tourism creates jobs and stimulates the economy with imported dollars. For every 147 room nights one job is created. Visit Clearfield County is prepared to offer tourism attraction plan funding (TAPF) funding to qualifying candidates for the 2017 calendar year. This is a competitive program and is not guaranteed to any or all applicants. This funding is only available to not-for-profit groups (501C3) or municipalities.  The project plan must show proof of continuing funding sources and a sustainable business plan. The plan must reflect a tourism focus for the purpose of supporting the mission of Visit Clearfield County.  The plan must be completed within one year of the award. Proper documentation must be provided before funds will be issued to awardees. Click here to download a PDF form 

Tourism Project: A project that would enhance the "stay ability" of Clearfield County, within Clearfield County. For every 1 hour of travel time we need 4 hours of entertainment to generate an overnight stay. Projects building on our natural, historical, cultural or recreational assets are preferred projects. Qualifying applicants might be individuals looking to build upon an existing attraction/business that will add a separate but related feature; or a new attraction/business that would potentially generate more overnight stays. State and Federal Government Agencies do not qualify for the TAPF program.

Attraction: Any place of interest that will bring visitors to Clearfield County year round. Events are not qualifying attractions.

Timeframe: Open year round application process. Visit Clearfield County is prepared to fund two projects in the current fiscal year.

Limit of Funding: Up to $25,000 non-matching plan funding.

This application is part one of a three part process

  1. Completion of application (Applicant must be a not-for-profit entity).
  2. Qualifying applicants receive invitation to present their program to Visit Clearfield County Strategic Planning committee.
  3. Qualifying applicants receive an invitation to present their program to Visit Clearfield County Board of Directors for financial consideration.