Bilger's Rocks

Bilger’s Rocks

Where feeling little is a GRAND sensation!

A long, long time ago, over 300 million years, before the settlers, before the Indians, way back when the earth was taking its shape; a city was built just outside of Grampian in Clearfield County. This prehistoric city was like none other, for it was made of massive rocks! Twenty acres of them! Some towering over five stories high, most more than 20 feet thick! Who wouldn’t want to climb that?!? The geological phenomenon responsible for this masterpiece, known as frost wedging, caused boulders to break away from the mountainside, creating this magnificent vision full of numinous caverns and narrow passageways that has withstood eons of vagaries.

Today these magnificent boulders serve as an advantageous destination for rock climbers, explorers, photographers, campers, and picnickers alike! People from all over come to be humbled by this massive geological wonder, to experience the sights, smells, and the terrain of our world and what it may have been like before time began.

But luckily for us, just because the park is “prehistoric” doesn’t mean the campground has to be! The Bilger’s Rock Association has been keeping the place in good shape and holding events on the grounds to educate and entertain the park’s guests. On the 170 acres of park, there are campsites (with electricity!), pavilions, picnic areas, a concert arena, recreational activities, and even a concession stand – open every weekend! And for those who want to learn a little about the outdoors, educational tours of the grounds are available – bring your hiking boots!

To learn more about the park, the events – both public and private (you can get married here!), and get contact info, please “like” Bilger’s Rocks on Facebook.

So come on out and climb. We will race you to the top!


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