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The theme is a Speakeasy in the Roaring 20's. Can you escape before Ness and his Untouchables raid the joint?

The Speakeasy takes you back in time to the Roaring 20's when the Country was dry. Prohibition was in full force and G-men were raiding Clubs that defied the new laws. Elliott Ness was the government's ke man enforcing the law. You have been locked in as Club 22 was given notice that Ness and his gang, the Untouchables, is set to raid the joint. You and your gang have 1 hour to put the place in order and escape the club and the long arm of the law. 




Try our newest room.....Re-Set Time.

Imagine being in a small town browsing the local shoppes when you spot a blonde girl following a white rabbit. They enter a sweet shoppe and you follow. As you spy them entering a back room, once again you follow. You find yourself locked in a room. You must find an escape. To do so you'll need to travel to another land and perhaps save the world in the process. 


There is a 1-hour time limit, and you can have 2-6 players. Can you escape before the raid??

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