Clearfield County Tourism Promotion Matching Grant

Clearfield County Tourism Promotion Matching Grant

Clearfield County Commissioners Discretionary and Hotel Tax Fund

Criteria and Unified Application Guidelines


In accordance with state guidelines, portions of collected Clearfield County Hotel Tax revenues are allocated each year to support the county’s tourism assets. Awards are granted on the basis of merit to qualified applicants and projects as determined by the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority and Clearfield County Board of Commissioners.


Applicants with questions may call 814-765-5734.

Schedule for Applications*:

September 29, 2017: CCTP Fall round application deadline - Click here to download PDF form

October 27, 2017: Fall second round deadline - Click here to download PDF form 

November: Fall awards announced

January 1, 2017: CCTP Spring Application period opens 

March 31, 2017: CCTP Spring first round application deadline - Click here to download PDF form

April 28, 2017:  Spring second round deadline - Click here to download PDF form 

May 2017: Spring awards announced


All grant reports must be in to CCRTA office within 60 days of project completion. No project will be accepted if completed before the awards are granted, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Reports shall be submitted on approved/provided report form. Any awardee not in compliance will be ineligible for future awards.


Criteria and Guidelines

1. Clearfield County Tourism Promotion grants are made on a cost reimbursement basis following a process of application, review, approval and completion. Receipt of the CCTP award is contingent upon submittal of invoices from bona fide trade’s people. The applicant must submit documentation for the total and final cost of the project. All work must be completed within 3 months of the grant being awarded.

2. A cash match equal to the grant amount is required for all awarded CCTP projects. For example, a request for $7,500 should document an equivalent $7,500 cash match ($15,000 total project cost) in the appropriate section of the grant application.

Up to 100 percent of the amount requested may be awarded, but is not guaranteed for any tourism promotion project sponsored by a nonprofit organization, business, attraction or event located within Clearfield County that submits a request for such funds. Applicants must provide proof of how tourism visitation and overnight stays will be increased through the granting of funds.Approximate number of visitors impacted or reached MUST be included in application narrative.

Grants will not be awarded for standard or event operational expenses or sectarian religious purposes. Fireworks displays, entertainment, and structural modifications are not eligible. The grant program will not fund advertising in local publications, local school sports programs, local dance or theatre programs, etc. This is not a full and complete list and is subject to committee review. The media must be used to draw out of the area visitors to Clearfield County.

Tourism promotion, website design/enhancements and signage-meeting the Pennsylvania Wilds Design Guide Criteria are eligible expenses. This is not a full and complete list and is subject to committee review.

3. As a provision of accepting these monies, awardees must provide adequate proof that the funds received were used for their intended purpose. A final project report is required as outlined in the Award Agreement.

4. Applicant must provide supporting documentation of matching funds with the grant application.

5. Nothing shall prevent the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority from withholding all or part of the monies available in a current grant cycle. Should funds be remaining at the end of any single fiscal year, those funds will be considered part of the general fund.

6. It should not be presumed that any applicant will be awarded a grant on an annual basis, nor should the availability of these grant awards be considered an annual part of any applicant’s budget.

7. The CCRTA Hotel Tax Grant Committee is responsible for reviewing all CCTP grant applications and making a recommendation to the CCRTA board of directors, which will approve all awards.

8. Hotel tax funds are no longer allowed to pay for signage, unless the sign has the Visit Clearfield County logo prominently displayed. The proper camera ready logo will be provided by Visit Clearfield County.

9. Awardees shall publicly acknowledge the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority/ Tourism Promotion Grant support through all reasonable vehicles as a stipulation of receiving such awards. 

10. Awards shall be presented by the County Tourism Promotion Agency.

11. The CCRTA Hotel Tax Committee will review the criteria and guidelines annually to enhance, amend or dissolve said guidelines.

Clearfield County Tourism Promotion Fund Grant Application

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