Second Round Grant Application

Project Description

Provide a clear and concise statement of the use and purpose of your project for which funding is being requested.  You must include information on how this project will generate overnight stays in Clearfield County and how you will evaluate or quantify these overnight stays.

Marketing Plan

Please provide us with a brief narrative [one to three paragraphs only] detailing your overall marketing strategy and target audience [visitors no less than 50 miles outside the region].  The purpose of this narrative is to provide the Review Panel with your rationale on where – and to whom – you will be marketing to attract overnight guests. Include a list of media you are planning on using to promote your project and a description of their coverage area.  Incomplete Marketing Plans may result in a rejected grant application

Matching Funds

Explain Source of funds being used as leverage with project and attach commitment letters. (Other grants, loans, (Pennvest, RUS), personal or local funds and/or in-kind for the project).  Explain what each funding source will be paying for. 

Work Plan/ Time Frame/ Costs

Provide a time frame of how the funds will be used in timely manner.

Budget Summary

Submit a budget in detail of the project including all cost from this grant and other sources.  Please be specific regarding what this grant request will fund and what other funding source will be funding.  Include cost estimates for all work included in the project and define each funding source for the work.