Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Why plan a road trip to the backwoods. backroads. backwaters. of Central Pennsylvania? Some might say it’s the sweeping curves, quiet roadways and breathtaking views that are building this region as a destination for adventurers worldwide. Others recognize its easy access from Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 219. There are over 40 lodging properties to rest and relax at as you explore the region.  

Clearfield County encompasses 1,154 square miles of Pennsylvania with an elevation ranging from 780 feet at the West Branch Susquehanna River to 2,405 feet in the mountains. The county features spectacular views of gorges, rivers, lakes, forests, hills and valleys and wildlife.  

Take a river hugging journey along the West Branch Susquehanna Byway. The Byway is an 85-mile driving tour that allows you to enjoy the West Branch Susquehanna River, scenic destinations, local flavor and historic culture from the seat of your vehicle.  

One of our motorist’s favorite trips winds through the Quehanna Wild Area, the largest wild area east of the Mississippi. The backroads circle through miles of untapped wilderness with views of Pennsylvania hardwoods, including an award-winning virgin white birch forest at Marion Brooks Natural Area. 

In the fall, the largest free-roaming elk herd in the East are very active. Their bugling rings through the mountains as they vie to become the king of the clan. You can stop at one of many wildlife viewing areas and start your list of all the creatures you come in contact with while traveling through Clearfield County.  

Spring is a great time to enjoy the awakening of the flora and fauna that decorates the geography of this gorgeous region. Pennsylvania’s state flower, mountain laurel is in bloom along with native flowering trees and bushes. Traveling Rockton Mountain in early to mid-June is the best time to see miles of striking mountain laurel readying itself for interested viewers along the highway. The high elevation of this stretch of roadway allows you to delve into the majestic feeling of sitting on top of the world.  

Summer travelers often enjoy the motorcycle friendly events that take place around the region. It is a great time to stop by Amish shops or grab an ice cream cone from a small dairy. Clearfield County is one of the friendliest places on earth, where old time values are still a custom honored by most. You can find establishments that welcome bikers with open arms and share stories that will lead you to great adventures for years to come.  

One of the country’s most unique Harley Davidson shops is located in the City of DuBois. This building, once the site of Goodrich Manufacturing, was transformed into an old-fashioned downtown. Visitors may walk down a street lined with Harley Davidsons that just so happen to be looking for an owner. Feed the parking meters along the sidewalks for charity. With one of the area’s best service centers, a gift shop filled with swag and an onsite barber DuBois Harley Davidson is a biker’s haven.  

Now that you are ready to take a road trip to Clearfield County, planning will be easy with this Half Way to Everywhere travel planner. Use Clearfield County as the hub and spoke stop on your next trip.  

We are anxious to hear about your trip! Visit us on Facebook at Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority, and share your photos and stories about your visit to the backwoods. backroads. backwaters. of Clearfield County. 

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