Fishing In Clearfield County

Fishing In Clearfield County

Fishing In Clearfield County

Grab your bait and head for Clearfield County’s backwaters. You just may wrestle in that "Big One" the locals have been bragging about! Clearfield County has miles of largely navigable streams and lakes. You can drop your anchor and patiently wait, put your waders on to get some quality fly fishing in, or simply have a seat at streamside and plop a night-crawler into the water. Something’s always jumping somewhere! 

Enjoy fishing the 20-acre Parker Lake at Parker Dam State Park. Electric powered and non-powered boats are permitted, and you can enjoy fishing year round at the park. Several times a year, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocks Parker and Little Clearfield lakes with brook trout and largemouth bass. Anglers can catch sunfish and brown bullhead. Parker Dam State Park and Janesville Dam have designated handicapped fishing areas that make it easy for everyone to enjoy the sport.   

One hundred and two miles of the 228-mile West Branch of the Susquehanna River meanders through the county. In fact, Clearfield County has the only section of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River that is stocked by Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC). At the beginning of the 2014 fishing season, the PFBC designated the West Branch with Third Class A wild trout status.  

Kids will enjoy dropping their line off of several bridges along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. Hog Back Bridge, SR 879, is located between Curwensville and Clearfield. You can travel further down the river and stop at the Hyde, Market Street or Nichols Street Bridges. Kids also enjoy fishing along the river banks alongside the bridges. 

If your preference for fishing includes finding spots no one else knows of, Quehanna Wild Area is speckled with streams that are as scenic as they are plentiful. Native brook trout are especially fun to catch and release.  Solitude is promised - you can fish all day and never see another human being. Within the Quehanna Wild Area, Shagger’s Inn a warm water fishery offers a variety of species.  

Resident and non-resident licenses are available at Jim’s Sports Center, Bob’s Army & Navy and Walmart in Clearfield and DuBois. All of these fishing spots have all tackle designations.   

More information about Clearfield County Fishing can be found in the Pennsylvania Wilds Fishing Guide.  

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